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It’s been a lot of work but my pictures from my trip are all posted. My favorite galleries are Colorado and New Mexico. I just can’t believe the skies in New Mexico – you have to check out those shots. It really is the land of enchantment!

Happy trails,



Last time I wrote I was in Wyoming. I had a nice ride into Colorado a few days ago. Came through flaming gorge monument, over Douglas pass, through grand junction, over grand Mesa, and through black canyon of the gunnison. Talk about some great riding!

Yesterday I wanted to put the BMW through the paces, so I headed for the San Juans. Over engineer pass, cinammon pass, black bear pass, Ophir pass and even lizard head pass. This is world class riding. I was chased back to gunnison by storms.

Today I wanted more pain, so I rode up and over mosquito pass near Leadville. The San Juan passes are rocky, but mosquito took it to another level. Literally, too, since the pass is over 13 thousand feet. Inspiring views from the pass. And I didn’t break the bike (not for lack of trying).

I also got in Cumberland pass, and my favorite road in Colorado, cottonwood pass.

It’s almost an overload of riding bliss. But tomorrow I am headed into New Mexico, another great riding state.

I’m not the only biker here in gunnison. In fact, we have pretty much taken over the town. It’s the Hells Angels national ride in rally! Being the only rider not on a Harley is a bit weird (and I don’t have one of those cool vests) – but I like to think we have a lot in common.

After some TLC on the bike this evening, I’m ready to head south tomorrow.

Happy trails.