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I’ve got pictures up on my gallery from California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and the West Fest Rally. I’m still working on the rest but hope to have them done soon.

In the meantime, check them out…


Yes, I’m back from vacation. I know I am behind on my blogging. I can’t believe last time I wrote I was in Colorado. From Gunnison I rode down through Creede, Pagosa Springs, into New Mexico through Chama, Abiquiu, Grants, and down to Silver City. I followed the continental divide but I took mostly paved roads since I had done the GDMBR last year. It was a beautiful ride even without the dirt.

Caught up with Brandon in Silver City, went on a ride, got a little bit lazy. I left last Sunday night and rode through the night, fighting fatigue, and arrived here Monday morning.

I have a lot of pictures to edit and post.

Here is a preview. Click to enlarge.

Last time I wrote I was in Wyoming. I had a nice ride into Colorado a few days ago. Came through flaming gorge monument, over Douglas pass, through grand junction, over grand Mesa, and through black canyon of the gunnison. Talk about some great riding!

Yesterday I wanted to put the BMW through the paces, so I headed for the San Juans. Over engineer pass, cinammon pass, black bear pass, Ophir pass and even lizard head pass. This is world class riding. I was chased back to gunnison by storms.

Today I wanted more pain, so I rode up and over mosquito pass near Leadville. The San Juan passes are rocky, but mosquito took it to another level. Literally, too, since the pass is over 13 thousand feet. Inspiring views from the pass. And I didn’t break the bike (not for lack of trying).

I also got in Cumberland pass, and my favorite road in Colorado, cottonwood pass.

It’s almost an overload of riding bliss. But tomorrow I am headed into New Mexico, another great riding state.

I’m not the only biker here in gunnison. In fact, we have pretty much taken over the town. It’s the Hells Angels national ride in rally! Being the only rider not on a Harley is a bit weird (and I don’t have one of those cool vests) – but I like to think we have a lot in common.

After some TLC on the bike this evening, I’m ready to head south tomorrow.

Happy trails.

Today I said farewell to Montana and Idaho. Definitely two of the best riding states. But Colorado tops my chart and I’ll be there tomorrow!

Long day of riding today. Took pavement over to Lima where I picked the divide route through centennial valley and over red rock pass. Then pavement through Ashton, Teton pass, Jackson, pinedale and finally here to rock springs, wy. There is no good camping near here so I got a room. I pulled my filthy Beemer next to goldwing riders who were busy waxing and cleaning bugs off their bike. I figure by the end of this I’ll have dirt and bugs from 9 states – souvenirs? 🙂

I hate to travel in a rush like this, would have liked to tour yellowstone and Teton. But I do have some sort of loose timeline… Have to go back to work eventually. Never enough time.

Time is like a predator. Stalking us always, everywhere we go. We can create just about everything in our lives… money, love, things… but time… wish we could control that.

Happy trails.

Since I last wrote I’ve ridden out of Oregon, through yells canyon, to elk city idaho, over the magruder road into Montana. So much beautiful country up here. It’s hard to describe it. I’m at the advrider rally here in Darby… Did a ride yesterday, getting some chores done today before I head south. Hard to pick a route… Hmmm, I do have the great divide route on my gps… 🙂

Happy trails!

Since I last wrote, I’ve gone through no. Cal from tahoe through lassen, mt Shasta, then into OR through crater lake, bend, prineville, and Baker city. I have found some phenomenal roads around here. Yesterday I got in 100 miles of pristine, twisting and totally deserted backroads. It was nirvana on a bike.

It a. has a price. After almost hitting a deer at 75 mph, I slowed down and was more mindful. Then I almost hit two more. Lesson: get off the roads here before 6 pm. Other lesson: sometimes to feel most alive, you have to flirt dangerously close with death. I think everyone who rides a bike needs to acknowledge the inherent risk of this sport. Be aware, and live to ride another day.

I’ve used my 9 lives in the many years I’ve been doing this sport. It’s hard sometimes to rationalize the risk. But then there are moments on a bike that you never forget, corners that stick in your mind, vistas of amazing beauty.

I’ll check in when I have service again. No cell service tonight in elk city. I’ll be in Montana tomorrow!

In lake tahoe at Dave’s 3000 sq ft luxo house. Gourmet dinner, fresh cobbler and ice cream for dessert… Hot shower, nice bed. I thought moto touring was supposed to be hard? 🙂

rode a bunch of passes today, and some dirt. At some point I better stop playing around and head to Montana…

This blog coming to you from my tent! Camping here in June lake. Rode some dirt today, also rode hwy 120 from mono to Benton- epic road! Turned around and rode it the other way too!

Beautiful here. Staying with Dave tomorrow in tahoe then on to lassen, Shasta, crater lake… Wow, love this ride.

See ya!

I’m ready to go! I think I’ll leave early in the morning, run the 395 to Bishop, then hit the good stuff right away. It’s just too darn hot down here!

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Catch ya’ later!

A lot has gone on since my last blog. I have done a lot of neat rides on the pedal bikes and motos, including an amateur road bike race (finished mid pack!).

The weather has finally gotten hot here in Hemet, so I figure it’s time to go on vacation. There are a bunch of people from getting together in Darby, MT in a week or so, and I figure what better excuse for a ride?

My plan is to ride up through the Sierras, taking lots of nice twisty roads and some dirt, too. Then hit some dirt up through Oregon, stopping by Crater Lake, and then continuing towards Idaho. From Idaho I’ll pick up the Magruder Corridor road into Montana for the West Fest rally. Ride Montana for a few days, catch up with friends, and then hit the road… down through the Absaroka range in Wyoming, then base camp (or motel) in Colorado for a couple days while I ride backcountry roads, passes, and twisty pavement. Then it’s down into NM near Chama, and pick up the GDMBR route from Grants to Silver City. I’ll say hi to Brandon in Silver, get some R&R (or go riding, either way!) – then head home.

Sounds like about 5,000 miles of awesomeness to me. 🙂 I’m leaving this Saturday, before I go I’ll post a link to my SPOT page, reminding you all that you can follow along if you want.

See you on the road!