To sum up: cold, sandy, long, but AWESOME.

I only did the second day’s ride from Barstow to Vegas. It was about 200 miles, mostly off road, and mostly in sand. All in all there were nearly 500 riders on this ride, and less than 10 on the big BMW’s like me. That either makes me special, or an idiot. I think the latter. 😉

Met up with Charles and Rich in Barstow, had some nice Italian dinner and some scenery in the restaurant. Left 6 AM Sat morning… OK maybe 6:30. But it was below freezing, and my camelbak actually froze, so I couldn’t drink. I was running my heated vest, but the ride immediately went into a sand wash, and I had to learn how to ride my pig bike in sand. That made me hot, and I had to stop to change some liners out.

The ride was sand washes and powerline roads, rarely was there a hardpack road (those haven’t been invented in the desert, yet, I guess!). Later in the day I ran into Stu Mumford, who I saw at dinner the previous night. We’ve been friends for a few years. He had a crash (over the bars), and his bike was leaking coolant and overheating. It didn’t seem to bother him that much, so we finished the ride together.

The ride back from Vegas on Sunday… well, it wasn’t the high point of the weekend. Why is there always a headwind and never a tailwind? 😉

My bike is still filthy. I guess I need to clean it. Anyone want to do it for me? Until next time… happy trails!