It’s nice to involve family in my favorite hobby. Makes it that much more special. My Mom has always loved to ride on bikes. She’s never really been that happy as a passenger on any of my bikes. She always has always wanted me to get a Goldwing. Well, if I bought a Goldwing, I’d have to ride around with a paper bag over my face all the time (even though the 1800 is actually a great bike). So, I bought a BMW instead. It’s great for the passenger – very comfortable. Plus, I like the cruise control, huge fairing, radio, and integrated luggage. It’s by far the best touring bike I’ve ever ridden or owned. For making the miles go by in comfort – this is the machine.

No, I didn’t sell my 800. No plans to sell that anytime soon. In fact, if I could add a third bike, I like the looks of the Yamaha WR250R. But I also like the looks of the Triumph Street Triple. Oh wait. That would be four bikes. I don’t think my garage is big enough. Damn.