Today I said farewell to Montana and Idaho. Definitely two of the best riding states. But Colorado tops my chart and I’ll be there tomorrow!

Long day of riding today. Took pavement over to Lima where I picked the divide route through centennial valley and over red rock pass. Then pavement through Ashton, Teton pass, Jackson, pinedale and finally here to rock springs, wy. There is no good camping near here so I got a room. I pulled my filthy Beemer next to goldwing riders who were busy waxing and cleaning bugs off their bike. I figure by the end of this I’ll have dirt and bugs from 9 states – souvenirs? 🙂

I hate to travel in a rush like this, would have liked to tour yellowstone and Teton. But I do have some sort of loose timeline… Have to go back to work eventually. Never enough time.

Time is like a predator. Stalking us always, everywhere we go. We can create just about everything in our lives… money, love, things… but time… wish we could control that.

Happy trails.