Since I last wrote, I’ve gone through no. Cal from tahoe through lassen, mt Shasta, then into OR through crater lake, bend, prineville, and Baker city. I have found some phenomenal roads around here. Yesterday I got in 100 miles of pristine, twisting and totally deserted backroads. It was nirvana on a bike.

It a. has a price. After almost hitting a deer at 75 mph, I slowed down and was more mindful. Then I almost hit two more. Lesson: get off the roads here before 6 pm. Other lesson: sometimes to feel most alive, you have to flirt dangerously close with death. I think everyone who rides a bike needs to acknowledge the inherent risk of this sport. Be aware, and live to ride another day.

I’ve used my 9 lives in the many years I’ve been doing this sport. It’s hard sometimes to rationalize the risk. But then there are moments on a bike that you never forget, corners that stick in your mind, vistas of amazing beauty.

I’ll check in when I have service again. No cell service tonight in elk city. I’ll be in Montana tomorrow!