A lot has gone on since my last blog. I have done a lot of neat rides on the pedal bikes and motos, including an amateur road bike race (finished mid pack!).

The weather has finally gotten hot here in Hemet, so I figure it’s time to go on vacation. There are a bunch of people from advrider.com getting together in Darby, MT in a week or so, and I figure what better excuse for a ride?

My plan is to ride up through the Sierras, taking lots of nice twisty roads and some dirt, too. Then hit some dirt up through Oregon, stopping by Crater Lake, and then continuing towards Idaho. From Idaho I’ll pick up the Magruder Corridor road into Montana for the West Fest rally. Ride Montana for a few days, catch up with friends, and then hit the road… down through the Absaroka range in Wyoming, then base camp (or motel) in Colorado for a couple days while I ride backcountry roads, passes, and twisty pavement. Then it’s down into NM near Chama, and pick up the GDMBR route from Grants to Silver City. I’ll say hi to Brandon in Silver, get some R&R (or go riding, either way!) – then head home.

Sounds like about 5,000 miles of awesomeness to me. 🙂 I’m leaving this Saturday, before I go I’ll post a link to my SPOT page, reminding you all that you can follow along if you want.

See you on the road!