Our wildfire season here in socal is upon us. Well actually, if you have lived here long enough, you know that the real wildfire season starts in late September with the arrival of the Santa Ana winds. That’s when fires are truly scary, and downright life threatening depending on if you live in fuels. Been there, done that!

But, we do get grass and brush fires starting each year usually mid June. The fire season starts in the deserts even earlier than that, then works it way into the inland valleys, and then into the coasts and the higher elevations as summer wears on the and heavier 100 hr and 1000 hr fuels cure (dry out).

Anyway, when I heard the Ranch fire come over the scanner, it was in my parents neck of the woods so I grabbed my camera gear and headed out!

Turned out to be not bad, 100 ac. or so by the looks of things. If this had started later in the summer, or under a santa ana condition, it was in the right location to cause a large and devastating fire (10,000 ac +)