Day 1

The first day of my ride was spent mostly on the highway, getting from my house in Hemet, CA to an overlook and camping spot north of Mexican Hat, UT. The ride was about 630 miles. When riding days like this, I seem to be pretty good until about 500 miles. After that, I start squirming in my seat, getting bored, and find myself daydreaming of being off the bike. It doesn’t help when you are on straight roads with not much to do. Just keep the throttle open and the bike pointed the right direction. The mind really wanders.

The ride is always worth it, though. Arriving at a viewpoint like this makes the memory of all those boring miles dissapear.

This is the edge of the world.

You better not be afraid of heights. It doesn’t help when it’s really windy and you are trying to park the bike 4 feet away from a 1,500 foot vertical drop. !

This is the good life, let me tell you. Tent camping next to your motorcycle, a hundred miles away from nowhere, at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nothing but the wind the and rocks. It turned out to be a long, stormy night. Lightning and wind all night don’t make for a good night’s sleep in a tent.

Tomorrow, I try to head north but get turned around by nasty weather. Then, I get stuck in the worst mud I’ve ever encountered. Alone. On a 550 lb bike. 70 miles from the nearest highway. Like I said, this is the good life. 🙂