It’s time to see if the long legged reputation of the BMW GS is for real! This will be my first overnight/interstate trip on the Beemer. I hope I get some time to bond with the bike. Hopefully we will beat the statistics and our relationship won’t end in divorce. 🙂

I’m heading to Southern Utah to camp near the San Juan river, then down and over to So. Az. to camp at Toroweap at the Grand Canyon. The third night, time permitting, I hope to head over and see some family near Cedar City. Trip is 4 days and maybe… I dunno… 1,600 miles?

My camps will be dry, so self supported. Here is the gear I have and how I am carrying it.

In the tankbag:

  • Waterpfoof winter gloves, summer gloves, snacks, two cameras (Nikon DSLR and Canon p&s), phone charger, ipod charger, earphones (Etymotic ER6), aspirin, eyedrops, earplugs, faceshield cleaner kit, flashlight, multitool, raincover for tank bag, maps, etc.

In the tank panniers:

  • Chain lube, spare tube, heavy jacket liner, light jacket liner, rain jacket, rain pants

Under the seat:

  • Complete toolkit for the bike from Adventure Designs. Two Motion Pro T6 alloy tire levers. CO2, inflator, emergency stuff like tape, wire, etc.

In the Great Basin Giant Loop:

  • CAMP KIT. In the left pod – (2) Nalgene bottles, camp towels. In the right pod – Jetboil, xtra fuel, LED lantern, LED headlamp, lighters, carabiners, utensils, tabasco sauce (most important), and toilet kit. In the top section: Sleeping Pad (North Face Cats Meow 20F), Sleeping pad (Thermarest Neo Air), Tent (REI Camp Dome 2 for this trip), food, camp chair (thermarest trekker).

In the dry bag:

  • Street clothes, shoes (chucks), tent poles, hat, etc.


I know it doesn’t sound like it, but this is all a very compact and lightweight setup, compared to what many ADV riders travel with!! It’s much less than I traveled with last Summer. Less weight, less crap… these are good things!

Leaving in the morning… follow me here (link also at left)

Forecast shows wind, thunderstorms, but mild temps. Bring it on. If it gets too sketchy I can take shelter at Starbucks. (that one’s for you, Dave).